Thursday, March 31, 2011

| Chief Executive's Award

Hello pretty and handsome people,
On 30 March 2011(yesterday), my good day. I need to attended an awards ceremony Chief Executive. For those who got 3.50 above, they will be given a roll of success and appreciation for their efforts in every area they operate. This year, the second time I came to this event. Like above picture, second and third semesters in April 2009 and October 2010 (3 times in row). I came after 2pm+++. before that, I sempat pergi makan cendol dengan Fariz dan akak Jaja Melis. yes, Malaysia is 'hot'. cendol I makan pon cepat cair.haha. agak berkejaran juga lah I tadi dari Kg Baru ke Bandar Penawar. btw, everything went smoothly and a bit tired!

I got two 'plug' and two certificates
but, my father's name was typing error.
damn it.
I was already mentioned this error,
but she said already printed.
so, what can I say else.
just let it be lorh ;(

 Nur Atiqah also got two 
Congrated dear!

Dayana Sirat thank you so much your wishing!

Faiz Zakaria my junior second sem
Congrated for you.
fighting for the next yeah.
(3 times in a row)

my classmate, Siti Zubaidah.
I called her, Eda.
she got the one for the third sem.

my classmates also, Hanimah
I called her, Kak Anne.
she got one for the third sem

my junior tapi sebaya I juga.
Congrated Tavanesan!

she's Ara.
she got one for the third sem
Congrated dear!

my super duper junior.
I just call him, Cher.
Congrated beb!

lastly, beside me is Euan Wong (in FB)
he was conducting as a MC.
my junior, but he older than me 2 years if I not mistaken.
thank you so much your wish me and send me back home

damn bored bored bored waiting for the long speech!!!

I'm only from the second group.
like Tiqa, kak Zai and Ude from the first group
but, we're closed.
btw, Congratulation yeah.
precious moment that time!

suicide to get forth and fifth semester
5 times in row!
aja aja figthing Arine


paesh azek said...

i try my best for fighting u ! hehe :) INSYA ALLAH .

Arine Romano said...

paesh azek:
hahahha..good dear...

hantu GiGi said...

wah!! congrats!!!! btw..u lg muda dr i!!!waaa..!sedeh nih! :(

Arine Romano said...

hantu GiGi:
thnx nurul...
eh..umo u bpe?
npe sedey ye?

miss ontel said...

congratulations!! :D
be successful in ur life!amin !!

Arine Romano said...

miss ontel:
tQ ur wish yeahh...
n u too be successful k..