Monday, December 6, 2010

| taggy from Chuck

cuti semester yang tetap membosankan Ω

INSTRUCTIONS: fill out the question and make a new note called “ABC About You“. Then tag 25 people. If you got the tagged by me, ypu have to take this survey and repost it.

A – AVAILABLE: I am single but not available.
B – BIRTHDAY: February 15 1991
C – CRUSHING ON: bitter and sour taste. eawww(!)
D – DRINK YOU LAST HAD: cool blog and I’m addicted.
E – EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: about my secreto life. very confidential
F – FAVOURITE SONG AT THE MOMENT: whatever song as long as should be acoustic genre
H – HOMETOWN: I was born in Johor, but I raised  in KL. Batu Pahat                                                                   
I – IN LOVE WITH: Pendita Durhaka
J – JUNGLE: yeah(!) camping and National Service
L – LONGEST CAR RIDE: haha.I tak pandai drive
M – MILKSHAKE FLAVOUR: Strawberry/chocolate milkshake
N – NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: I have another two little sister. so, I’m eldest
P – PERSON YOU CALLED LAST: I can’t remember
S – SONG YOU LAST HEARD: ketulusan hati by marshanda
T – TIME YOU WOKE UP: Between 7, 8, 9 or 10 am
U – UNDERWEAR COLOR: haha.macam-macam warna
W – WORST HABIT: I like to bite my nails and damn crazy listen to loud music
Y – YOYOS ARE: haha. I don’t know what’s yoyos are. sorry. I can’t answer it.
Z – ZODIAC SIGN: Aquarius.

*people who I tagged :
Lyana Norizan
Farhan Ibn Yahya
Fatin Farhanna
Nedda nedy
Lain-lain(boleh juga mencuba tag ni.)