Wednesday, October 27, 2010

me life.

a Happy life like 7 colors

yeah! I love to see the 7 colors.
when I was 10, they called me Rainbow.
haha.damn funny.time tuh xsuke diorang panggil cm tuh.
lame2 boleh terima.
so, yesterday I went to Desaru.konon nk usha orang dating kt sane.
lastly, hujan plak.alang2 mandi sekali
time nk balik I saw a wonderful Rainbow!
thank to Allah.

try to use 5inch.whoaa.feel so high.hey bitch, let's going out.

Say evening to followers and stalkers.

Alhamdulillah... 3 papers has already ended.
then, gap cuti 1week.what should I do during my week off?
going to Jb.oh.I don't think so.definitely boring.
all the time just stay at home.but, maybe I come back to JB on friday or saturday.


izzah said...

cute name la!!

Arine Romano said...

already 10 years passed.
but i really love it..
damn miss if they call me again..
thnx yeahhh..

Farhan Ibn Yahya said...

ko nampak gak kew?
aku pon nampak gak ari tue...
dah lme aku x jumpa gak...

Arine Romano said...

rzeki ak gk nk nmpk..
lme cgt da xnmpk weyhh
untung ak kuar time tuh...