Saturday, July 10, 2010

the whole week.

on thursday July 8th,
bahahahaha.I had to wearing a skarf (tudung).the 1st class.only monday and thursday.
some people saw me so weird, freak out on my changing.
hoho.just far, they'r loikeee..thnks yeahhh.I will.

hello madam jue, thanks your wishes!
Im blushing..

week of getting boring.yeah.u rite.anyway, a new week cm2 far ok.
nk update asik postspone jer.cm2 nk, now im free! I went out with botak on wednesday.
temankn I pegi 'Kota'. This is one thing what I like about going out with Botak, he never mind when I asked him to go anywhere.he will said "xkesah".bahahhaha.

one thing, someone asked to accept him.omg!!! I don't think that I will be accept.
I love being, hope he can accept a reality.

hangout lg nek kete ak aw!

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