Tuesday, July 6, 2010

crazy ride in JB city.

that guy is Nabil. really crazy on the road when he's on driving.
until I can't breathe enough.
unpredictable in situation.

shopping is my passion.without thinking twice, grabbed it and pay.
I need it for more my collections.
Botak likes to 'stole' me when I didn't notice what he do.

you again and again.who else?
I asked to botak.pls snap.
"razie, u posed like gay arr."

and you again.my best pal.
wherever I'm going, he's always stay close with me.
you cool babe.
hot girls out there waiting for you to say "hello!"
mention your name here,
muhamed amir abdullah sanik.

1st destination at city sQuare jB around 5 something.

botak da lemas.
stay cool babe!
crazy ride on the road.

after that, I racing out to back home.
cos at 130pm I need went to terminal.
almost an hour I waiting them.fuck up!
while waiting, I snap snap a few pic and lovely stuff(make-up)

July 5th,
I woke early morning at 657am.really damn cold morning.
I was rushing to shower.Fresh!!! haha.
then, I make-up take a time 37minutes,wow!
see, I won't to use heels. but I terpakse gk.oh no!
and racing out went to college.
I was excitedly.and my mind full of thinking how bout my result?
Finally, I got the best best result and this is second time.
pointer I naik.so, without thinking twice, I called my mom.
and I requested to buy 1 set pizza hut.haha.
and she advise/motivate me "blablalalalalala"~

after I went to lunched with jawe, ya and fira I terus jumpe botak,
xplan pon, I hanging out with them.
nsb nek kete.saving money and spending expensive time till midnite.

love you.
to my bFF,
going out for the next .

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