Sunday, July 18, 2010


azureen here.
she's candidate for SPM 2010.
wish you "GudLuck".

azleen here.
she's also taking for PMR 2010
wish you "do the best"

"Hey sista sista kuh, study smart ok.Doing more better than me.I know you can!
Try hard to get something.I'll give support behind you.
I'm fierce and strict sista, but inside me I'm still love you
just I don't how to show."


July 17th,
just stay at home.nothing what to do unless I online online and online for non-stop!
waiting awhile I watched a tV.fucking bored all channel.
there's nothing what I want to write here.losing everything.
but I had try to.hey hey.come on Arine Romano.some more?

Now 241am I'm in front of my lappy to think think think.
hah!!! I got some of brownies cake.yummy yummy!!!
then to CHUCK HUSTLER, you called and told me about you want going back to JB?
am I right?haha.poor you.ok.pls pls come back.someone waiting for you there.

why u dilemma in situation,


Chuck Hustler said...

Hahaha. Yarh. But i dont know who waiting for me. Ngeh3~

A|R said...

du noe la u
sj jer said gitu..