Thursday, July 15, 2010


thats two guy 'wajib tayang'.
razie, plz stop your fucking act.

her name is rasyida masoki
we're being together start from 1st sem until now.
sometimes I call her 'cDot'
luv you.

hey you shiela ciela.
you love show your 'peace'

he's again.
man apple.

July 15th
I stayed up till early morn 4am.
can't sleep very well.then, I slept at 5am till 730am.
I'm still blurrr I sent text to CHUCK HUSTLER.
but no respons. try call 2times but not answering too.
my class at 2pm.herghhh.I getting bored and no spirit goin to class.
say:sori ms Jue, I curi2 tdo.I'm sleepy badly.
malas malas malas.

you, I miss miss u badly la.


Chuck Hustler™ said...

Wahhhh. I kene kutok lagi. Xpe2. Kena simpan point nie. Hahaha. Jahat! Hahaha. U not sleeping well lah dear. G rehat cukup2 k.

Chuck Hustler™ said...

Wait2. Lupa nak ckp something. Nice background/ Ngeh3~

A|R said...

phl lak i kutuk yunk.
no no la..
org yg kre bertuah jer de kt blog i tao.

i pon jeles gk u nyer tukr layout.