Friday, July 23, 2010

.......never end

currently using at Facebook.
there's nothing to say.
just I'm not in the mood to typing.
usually, everyday I should be update my Blog even once.
this week I'm very busy until Saturday.
never stop 24hours.
all my project almost are killing me now.
no more rest.
always rushing to the classes.
I'm lose my appetite.
so, I got the fatigue, hypertense, exhausted.
the whole week, I can handle it.
I wish I could be strong and think positive.
don't give a fuck what you think about me.
I can be naive.
fuck-up the guys become a loser.
oK.I stop here.
upsss! before that, special for my friends.

my classmate members

can't wait for induction tomorrow.
say "hi" for my juniors.
I'll to conduct them as a Fasilitator.
must be there before at 730am. fucking early!
never say for goodNight.

now, going to shower and dinner.

wanted to dream on you.