Tuesday, July 20, 2010

programming module.

hi there, friends bFF, and stalkers out there.

say: morning!
my class at 2pm.waiting awhile, I spend my time to write my blog here.there's nothing to I babling %$#@.haha.Now I just got more 4 assignment.OMG!totally grouping assignment.but for me its a small matter to handle.don't get too worry.in subject 'data structure' is very simple and basic in programming.fucking interesting if I learn more about programming.I give one example for cording.

template void stackType: :push const Type& newItem) { if(!isFullStack() } { list(stackTop) = newItem //add newItem at the top //of the stack stackTop++; //inorement stackTop } else cerr<<"cannot add to a full stack."< }//end push

OK.done.so, please setttle it.
you got it?haha.
I don't know what I'm doing.but this is one of cording in my syllabus for chapter 3 soon
fucking not understand ouhh.
for those people should be bLurrr.
and me not yeah.
I try to 'phm2kn'
(poyo nyer!)

yesterday, I went to class at 4 in subject LAN1004 'Pengajian Islam'.fortunately, ustaz said he's not feeling well and I got headache.fuckup.then I got the permission go back home.here, honestly I said very hot hot hot at Bandar Penawar.I can't stand here anymore.but...haha.Last Sunday I told to my mom I'll going back to JB again.unfortunately, I forgot something!!!! I had to handle for induction.how come?!!! but, I asked her (senior sem5) proposal not approve yet by Prof.cm xjd kn.?hopefully, postpone for the next.because of I getting fucking bored here.nothing to do something can make me happy or can't stand for the long time.holy shit man.hello2 CHUCK HUSTLER.haha.u serve right ngade!!poor you.going back JB right?don't get too sad yeah.for the next time, I wish you 'mesti' fly on to the JB as soon as possible you can.someone waiting for you there.

last night, I called Amir Aziz.as usual, he'll babling bout me.you know what.cos I'm not going yet for the check-up with the doctor."u, I will".sorry I'm said, I got a 'mouth cancer'.for me its just a small matter disease.will be recovered around less 2weeks maybe.my mom ever told me for the check-up.I said its ok.nothing to be serious.I'm OK.I can't to eat,talk too much.just stay quite.-.-

I awfully MISSing u on your gloomy face.


Chuck Hustler said...

Okay-okay. I'll going back to JB. Tapi xtau bila. :(
Tiket da jual balik. Fucking bengang.
Xpelahblom ade jodoh kot nak jumpa org yg tggu i.
You never say to me yg u xsihat semalam?
Hopefully, today u will be okay. :)

A|R said...

hehhehe.dun said dat dear.
ye ew?
xpela.da jual, u can got back ur money.
lom jodoh?ouh yeahh?ok.
xper.ala.yeah.now i kurg mkn n kurg ckp.
dunnoe ble nk bek.
i mkn bnd yg lmbot2 je u.
ari2gk mkn roti

Chuck Hustler said...

jadikan tuh program diet sambilan u. hehehe.
hope u will be okay soon. nanti xde org nak borak2 byk2 ngan i. hahaha.