Wednesday, July 14, 2010

monday morning.

July 13th,
i woke up early morn at 7 something.
but I continued again my sleep.
awfully sleepyyyy.
then, at 9:47am I tersedar lak.
and I forgotten something, I've appointment.
I kene pegi salon wt hair very dry.
so, I need it.last I wt last year.I've no time.
I racing out go to shower.
as usual, lately I sent text "morning" for Chuck Hustler.
and don't know why he send me back late.
tdo la tuh.kih3.
fortunately, Im back home hujan lebat sgt.

seminggu rasenye xbasuh rmbut.


Chuck Hustler™ said...

hahaha. jgn la mention i bangon lambat. ;DD

A|R said...

xpe2.xd spe knl u.
dun worry.
u wt gye sgn lak.

Chuck Hustler™ said...

hahaha. xpe2. ;D