Monday, April 19, 2010

I Swear This Time I Mean It.

Florida please be still tonight.
Don't disturb this love of mine.
But how she's oh serene,
You've got to help me out.
Count the stars before the rise.
And find the words for saving time.
I want to keep her dreaming,
It's my one wish, I won't forget this.
I'm out-dated, overrated,
Morning seems so far away.
So I'll sing the melody.
And hope to god she's listening,
Sleeping softly while I sing,
And I'll be in your memories.
A lullaby for all the times.
Hoping that my voice could get it right.
If luck is on my side tonight,
My clumsy tongue will make it right.
That wispy touch, it isn't much,
But it's enough.
To form imaginary lines.
Forget your scars,
I'll forget mine.
The hours change so fast.
Oh god, please make this last.
You could crush me, but please don't crush me.
Cause baby I'm a dreamer.
For sure and I won't let you down,
I swear this time I mean it.

"You made an exception for me Thank you for not stopping. You kept on telling me you loved me. And I kept on telling you to stop saying it and just SHOW me love."

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