Tuesday, November 2, 2010


yes! black dresses.not freakin' but awesome.

hi, good afternoon pretty people.

still in mood final exam.day by day I count till 11 Nov.seriously, been busy wiyh things around here.grrr.here, the whole time I always stay in front of my lappy, lepak at nite with the funny people, study for certain time.ok.never mind.there's nothing to 'babbling' here.try to updating bloggie of mine that much.I've my girlfriend.her name is mazriha.but I call her, Ya.now, she's going back to Kuantan.so fucking bored if she's not here.yeah.defintely, she's like talk loudly.but, I like her way...
I know you'll be around whenever I need you.promises are being made.I like you, no scratch that.ILY -_-

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