Saturday, October 30, 2010


credit to: Lyana Norizan.
thanks so much your wonderful wishes dear.
you're the most my Best Friend Forever.
don't get to worry.
I will not forget you.
thanks also because judge me from the point of positive angle,
spending your time to wrote about me, I really appreciated what you did.
and I feel so touch.
you, Good Luck your Exam.
Do your best here.
You've a strong heart to face it
take care of yourself.
ingat pesan2 I dulu kt you ok.
anything happen, you know how to find me rite?
you, jgn lupe I tao.
always keep in touch.
I always missing you
and lastly,
I Love You double triple.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

omg! u,thx soo much ! i really apprtce for this ..
thx soo much..
i never 4get u..
miss u damn much la dear!
u my best frenz 4ever ..
iloveyou soo much...
thx u :)