Sunday, June 13, 2010

a week in KL.

bubye in KL.
I always love u.
I'll come back.
Thanks haziq you temankan I balik.

lastly.I lepak kt Andalus.restoran 1st impression, I tried barbican; peach flavor.
thanks brought me here.
nanti lepak lagi.=)

my killa favourite. He was buying me 1 set J.Co, Pavilion and mango feeze.
I choose oreo, snow white and 'world cup'(limited edition) flavor.
thanks Haziq

see.I'm getting more bigger.omg!!!
but, this is what i really want it.

more life. what I really want it.KL is my real life.I can do whatever I want.
no one can stop me.this is my story.really have fun with you especially, haziq(my bisnes patner), kamil(my brother), amir aziz(my advisor), ain(my crazy buddy.she's love laughing), amir zenan(my killer soul) and nasir bidin(?).
I don't want to tell, just looking my killa lensa with my friends.
check it out.!
mama, I love u.
thank u so muchhh

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