Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Up and Down.

I feel so drained.mind.body.and soul with mixed emotions coursing through my chest.expressed throughtout my face.screaming a sorrowful.sound which hits my tough leavin a bitter sweet.
Is this me?? Or a life meant to be? I say I love you, so true. I know, I can't let go; of what we do, or go through.. Thats a memory to me. I know deep in me is what I keep!! I say "I Love You" knowing this love must mean its true. Feelings rush inside, and I want to hide. Where this life brings me to you, where I can be next to you, too. I know I can't change my past, but at last..I am who I am!! Today, Tomorrow and forever me.Just wait you see, the one I have always wanted to be!! Where we live a memory, of you and me~

The few moments each day we spend with each other are so bittersweet.the love passion, the passion, the desire, the want; one day, this fight we will and me both know our love is like a sweet song.hehe.although those around us see this relationship as something wrong.people say its the kind of love that couldn't be true.but you and me both know its real, the love between me and have stolen my heart and I know you will hang on to it as long as it takes.we have to take our time and let this ride until that commitment we can make.we both have the love and fear of God deep within our hearts.but our love feels so right, that I know he will allow us a new make me feel so loved, needed and wanted all of the are my true love, the one who I am so blessed to call mine.I love you so much it hurts with all my heart and my sweet darling are the one who makes me, until the day we can be together and hold each other every nite.phewitttt.we both know that our love will always be there, because it feels so right.

Sometimes I feel so empty.sometimes I feel so lonely.I keep wishing you didn't set me free.what was supposed to be?I thought we were in love.haha.where my feelings kept on soaring above.I fall deep for what I keep.I want what we had or could have had.where it was meant to be.just for you and me.

original script,

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