Monday, June 14, 2010


tonite I sit and stare out my window while tears run down my cheeks and my mind races back to a time when you were mine; I feel your touch as you hold me close, then I see that look in your can a love so right and strong be gone?too many questions with no answer come to, I sit and stare at the window; I wonder why.I hang my head in sorrow.Tonite I'm going to cry.

I gave you my heart.hoping you wouldn't break it.but as soon as I think your love for me is true.and I can trust break it.and then you come back to me.realizing i was the one for want my love and I want yours too.but how can I know.that this time, your love is true.because baby, I know my love for you is very true.I don't want to ever have to lose you.


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