Wednesday, June 30, 2010

preparing for the last minutes.

30 June,
more 5days, thats mean 4July I da masuk kolej.
after 2months I leave.hehhe.
the whole holiday, mcm2 la jadi.
I keje,go driving school, trip to Kl, spending time with my family, hangout with my pals, WorldCup mood, was buying new hP(w595).
really damn fun and happy!
Now, its time to think about my study.
what should I do ea?
must be changes.
1stly, more standart style.such as no heels anymore,make-up as usual.wearing baju kurung.
2nd, more activities and socialise in campus.
3rd, stay away from the bitch out there.fuck up.
4th, try to always update my love blog.
5th, ?

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