Friday, June 18, 2010

I thought you were my first.

I don't want to tell him.I don't want to him know.that my love for him can't seem to let go.i want to be with you, but I know that I shouldn' long to feel his touch, to have him hold me close.I still feel that love I look in his still takes my breath away when I see him smile.I lie awake at nite in my bed thinking.what happened our love so strong.I don't understand it, what the hell went wrong.I was so happy, now T sit here alone.I just can't do it.I don't have the hurt to be near hurt to see his heart breaks every time.everything reminds me of him, I can't get away.I just want all of this hurting and pain to heart is beating faster, all the blood is rushing to my head.its getting harder to breathe.I wish I didn't love.I wish I didn't care.should I let him go or should I try again?now is the time to make my decision.

"u dah lame pendamkan perasaan I nih.I xtao kenape semua ni boleh jadi.u re-open my heart.da lame kite x text, call cam ble I call, I salu salah time.u, I rindukan saat tuh.I love surprised.u kiss me, that the surprised yg I xterpikir.I blur+blushed.more 6 months kite kenal, just 3 kali je kite, I rse cam semalam jer jumpe u.everyday, I checked ur, kenape salu gadis yg same?u know what I feel?sometimes, I ignore jer.4 ur information, I xpnh syg sum1 smpi cm tuh sekali.ssh I nk trime sum1 cmne I trime u dlm idup I.u, I akn tggu u sampai u berubah hati.this is ur words -

'jao kt sudut ati i,i still syg u ag.u jgn slh aggp.i xpnh nk tggl kn u.i still love u.xpnh berubah.pd u?i sebaliknye ke?mksd i, pasaan u 2?i xbrani nk ckp tkt ia nya brlainan ngn u.i rindu kn u.i rindu kn saat kte dlu.i bleh imagine blek sume 2.its still fresh kt pkrn i.'

I always kept you words.
to; pendita kuh

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