Saturday, May 15, 2010

everything's oK.

cuti sem da start seminggu yg lalu. tp I tetap busan.
dun noe what to do. baru je petang tadi I pegi Landmark ngn my sis amik charger.
almost more a week I 'xlayan' bf I ni.haha.

Now I dilemma.
perlu ke I teruskan or ...
adakah itu alasan?
because, I've good instinct.

"On other day, I am feel scared of myself. Please don’t make me suffer all time. This feeling are 100% and will never ever changed until I tell you the truth. Every second you are in my mind. Sometimes I can’t do anything because of you. You are like drugs and I am addict to you. I’m going crazy. I just want to be free of my feeling that is for sure. Please get out in my mind and my heart. Don’t disturb me anymore. But I can’t force my feelings. Its not that way. I’m playing hard to get you dear. But you let me down. "

gudnite myStar.
by, A|R

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