Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hope this feeling keeps on growing.A|F

pendita durhaka | tikus makmal
experiment your heart and mind only.
*p/s U don't mad at me! tp comel kn kn?

you are my DRUGS and I addicted =)
bila u nak fly Amsterdam?
haha :D

someone wanted to asked me "why u can felt in love?"
"I said, totally I can't describe typical of him."
he had re-opened my heart to accept love again,he had put confidence in me so that I can trust boys in relationship, and the most important thing is he had made me falling for him.

02012010 our 1st date.

this is my 1st graphic.I created by my own.secara kebetulan.asal graphic ni, huruf A dan F.pada mulanya, I tengok macam pelik je bentuk ni.then, I xpuas ati I tanye my roomate.die kata cam bentuk 'LOVE' kalau di terbalikkan.I pon ngn sengalnye terbalikkan laptop amazing!I love love love it.
idea ni datang dengan ketidakperasanan.time tuh pukul 3 pagi.ouh.damn!!!then roomates I pon nak gk wt cm I.I ckp la."haha.dapat lak."idea dtg sekali je.xkan datang 18kali benda yang sama.OK!sekarang roomates I da jadi musuh gud2 je.wth/wtf!!! i dun care."aidil, cian kt gf membe baik cam aku nih, die sedap mengumpat aku dlm diam dan hasut org lain jgn rapat ngn ko ni memang baik.just ko control mulut die je.then, jangan sibuk2 nak jage tepi kain orang lagi2 pasal hidup aku.sebab aku xpernah nk amik tahu pasal die.kalau gf ko rase die paling baik, suruh die cermin dulu.jahat2 aku pon, aku xpernah ajak orang lain jahat sekali ngn aku.ape la kn?pls out la ko pikir pasal aku."
now i just moving out from the, i can breathing very well.suke suke sukenye.

haha.syg, pls manage your schedule time.

I know you want me to want you

I heart you dear<3
21th October 1988

U are already 'old' man.

"You’ve shown me not one, two, three or even four ways of being loved.
You showed me countless ways of how a girl should really be treated.
And how being loved is all about.
It’s amazing since our 1st date we have not yet not seen each other every day.
Its amazing how every time we see each other, we manage to laugh and have fun together.
Can u imagine EVERY DAY?"

*I was finished the whole day to completely.tQ

withLove A|F

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